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Are you or partner getting enough rest?

We all know snoring can be a major night time annoyance. It can drive a non-snoring bedmate nuts or to another room and can hamper intimacy.

Up to 40 % of the population in industrialized countries snore. The decreasing muscle tone during the sleep causes a narrowing of the upper respiratory tract. This narrowing accelerates the respiratory airflow, thereby various structures in the area of the upper respiratory tract start to vibrate and cause the snoring noise. So snoring is a mechanical process that can be counteracted mechanically.

So you may find yourself reaching in desperation for one of the many anti-snoring products on the market. Before you do, give us a visit to discuss approved anti-snoring product options available.

Call today to make an appointment at All Smiles Goodna Dental Practice on 07 3381 9992.

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